Henna – The natural and traditional material to adorn women’s body

Posted on jan 14, 2012

Sometimes very small things become too vital part in some situation. As for example Henna. This natural beautifying product is highly demanding during the marriage occasion. It’s a big part of celebration in India and in many other countries. Henna is also termed as “MEHENDI”. Especially women apply this beauty mark on their bodies at the time of meeting with their husband. Almost every bride in India marks their body parts with mehendi on the wedding day.

 India is the country of mixed religions and every religion in India love to beautify themselves with henna (especially women). Not only in the occasion of marriages but also in the several festivals of India like EED, Diwali, Teej, Bhai duj, Karva Chauth  and many more. .

There is an ancient connection between young, fertile women and henna which may also be considered as the origin of the night of henna.  During excavating at Akrotiri many wall paintings have found which are telling that how women are attached with henna. How brides of that time use to mark their nails, palms and soles with mehendi. Same tradition is still remaining today in several part of the world including India. It has several amazing designs that enhance the female beauty.

The way of henna styling is also very much dependent on the person who is performing mehendi designing task. It is actually a piece of art which is not possible by everyone.  If you make a search in your surroundings you may find several mehendi designers but not best mehendi designers. 

Henna was also considered as “Brakah” which stands for blessings that brings lucks to brides. Heena is an example of joy and beauty popularly used in many parts of world. In Yemen, Henna plays an important role in weddings. Brides of jewish religion took 4 to 5 days in completion of several traditional henna works.

However, it has now become one of the most popular fashion trends for women.  But always remember mehendi is a part of body art. Art is something which is only understood by its lover, so always choose the best mehendi designer to give you colors of joy and luck.